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Asian Chicken Wrap   $8.99

Ground chicken stir fry with water chestnut, shiitake mushroom, onion and our house special sauce. 
Served with crispy noodle and fresh crisp lettuce.

Hanoi Fresh Roll with Shrimp $7.99

Fresh lettuce, shrimp, cucumber, cilantro, carrot, mint, basil, 
and rice noodle wrapped in clear rice wrapper.

Bangkok Shrimp   $8.99 

Hand dipped batter shrimp, tossed in creamy sweet and tangy sauce. 
Topped with green onion, toasted sesame seeds, and lemon zest

Grilled Chicken Satay  $8.99
(This item will take at least 15 minutes of cooking time)

Chicken tender marinated with coconut, Thai spice, and Thai herbs. 
Served on a skewer along with homemade peanut sauce and cucumber sauce

(V)  Crispy Spring Roll with Lettuce Wrap   $6.99

Shared lettuce, carrot, woonsen noodle, celery and onion, 
wrapped in spring roll wrapper and golden fried.  
Served with our homemade sweet chili sauce

Cream Cheese Wonton   $6.99

Marinated cream cheese, onion, 
carrot, wrapped in wonton wrapper and golden fried

(V)(Gf)  Edamame    $3.99

Steam green pea edamame topped with Himalaya salt. 
Please let your server know if you want to make it spicy!

(V)   Fried Green Beans  $6.99 

Fried green bean served with sweet chili and siracha sauce. 
You have to dip it with sweet chili sauce first and then siracha sauce. Yum!

Tao Wings   $8.99

Non batter fried chicken wings tossed in medium spicy tangy sauce.

(V) Vegetarian and Gluten free sauce is also available, please ask your server.

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