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Most of our dishes can be made for Vegan or Gluten free upon request

Chinese Kung Pao 

Stir fried chicken with pea & carrot, celery, onion, dry chili, peanuts, 
Served with jasmine or brown rice

Shrimp  $14.99,   Chicken  $12.99,   Tofu  $12.99, or Mixed veggie  $11.99

Tokyo Teriyaki  
Your choice of protein served with teriyaki sauce on the top of Japanese rice, 
cabbage salad, and steamed broccoli

Ribeye  $18.99   Grilled chicken  $13.99  Grilled salmon $16.99 or   Tofu  $13.99

Thai Basil 
Stir-fried basil, bell peppers, onions, zucchini, mushrooms,
and bamboo shoots served with white jasmine or brown rice.

Shrimp  $14.99   Chicken  $12.99   Tofu  $12.99, or Mixed veggie  $11.99

Cashew Leeks
Stir Fry Leeks, celery, carrot, cashew nut, mushroom, bell pepper.
Served with jasmine white or brown rice

Shrimp  $14.99  Chicken  $12.99  Tofu  $11.99 or Mixed veggie  $11.99

Vegetable Lover  
Stir fry mixed vegetable with our homemade stir fry sauce.
Served with jasmine or brown rice

Shrimp  $14.99,   Chicken  $12.99,   Tofu  $12.99, or Mixed veggie  $11.99

Asian Eggplant basil
Stir fry Asian eggplant, bamboo shoot, bell pepper, carrot, onion,
mushroom, and basil. Served with jasmine or brown rice.               

Shrimp  $14.99,   Chicken  $12.99,   Tofu  $12.99, or Mixed veggie  $11.99

Ginger Sirloin Tips Over Rice   $15.99
Stir fried grilled sirloin tips in a special stir fry sauce, bamboo shoot, cauliflower,
onion, bell pepper, ginger, mushroom, topped with sesame seeds and siracha sauce.
Served with jasmine rice or brown rice

Indian Chicken Tandoori   $13.99 
Marinated grilled chicken ,served with homemade yogurt,
mango salad, served with naan flat bread. 

Local Double RRanch Rib Eye topped with Fried Egg $18.99
Grilled slices ribeye steak topped with fried egg served with stir-fried asparagus, onions,
bamboo shoots, bell peppers, zucchini, and mushrooms in a basil garlic sauce
served with white jasmine or brown rice.

Korea Bulgogi Beef    $17.99
Marinated sliced tender beef served on a hot plate, with a side of white jasmine or brown rice,
kim chi, carrot and daikon pickle, Korean chili paste, and romaine

Your choice of proteins with our homemade sticky general
sauce, broccoli, carrots and shallots. Served with jasmine or brown rice.

Shrimp  $16.99,   Chicken  $14.99,   Tofu  $14.99, or Mock Meat  $14.99

Blackened Pepper Prime Rib (NEW) $22.99
Stir fry prime rib with housemade black pepper sauce, onion, and bell pepper served with jasmine white rice or brown rice.

Ginger Ninja (Meatless)  $13.99
Stir-fry cauliflower, broccoli, black and white mushrooms, bok choy, and collard greens in
homemade wasabi ginger sesame sauce, topped with pine nuts.
Served with black and brown rice. Add Chicken or Tofu for $2 or Shrimp for $3


Fried Raspberry Cheese Cake Roll Served with Ice Cream $6.99

Sweet Sticky Rice With Mango $6.99

Bread Pudding with Berries $7.99

Mochi Ice cream (ask server for available flavors) $5.99

Lychee Fruit on Ice $4.99



Add bacon for $1.99, sweet chili bacon for $2.50, chicken apple sausage for $2.99, or fried egg for $.99 to any item

Chinese Congee $8.99
Rice porridge with preserved egg, chicken, green onions, cilantro, fresh ginger, and crispy noodles, served with Chinese donuts.

Egg Crab Benedict $12.99
Stir-fried crab, potatoes, onions, mushrooms, zucchini, rosemary, and black pepper topped with poached eggs with house-made hollandaise sauce, served with a butter croissant. 

Khai Jiew (Thai Omelet) $8.99
Thai style egg omelet served over white jasmine rice and garnished with house-made red sauce, topped with green salad and pine nuts, served with stir-fried potatoes, mushroom, onion, and zucchini

Vietnamese Egg Pan $8.99
Marinated ground chicken, mushrooms, potatoes, water chestnuts, onions, Vietnamese sausage, two over easy eggs, and a chicken apple sausage served in a hot pan and your choice of white or wheat toast.

Cinnamon French Toast $7.99
Delicious cinnamon toast dipped in an egg batter, pan fried golden and sprinkled with powdered sugar. Add $.99 for fresh strawberry

Breakfast Combo $9.99
Two eggs your way, two sweet chili bacon strips, chicken apple sausage, served with stir-fried potatoes, mushroom, onion, zucchini, and your choice of white or wheat toast.

Stuffed Crepe $10.99
Shrimp, chicken, egg, spinach, potatoes, mushroom, edamame, and cheese wrapped in a house-made crepe with hollandaise sauce served with your choice of fresh green salad or a cup of fruit. 

Steak and Eggs $11.99
Grilled steak served with two eggs and stir-fried potatoes, mushrooms, onions, and zucchini

Salmon Eggs Benedict $12.99
Grilled Salmon with stir-fried potatoes, mushrooms, onions, and zucchini, served with poached eggs and a butter croissant. 


Egg (1) $1.50
Scrambled Eggs $3.50
Bacon (2) $1.99
Sweet Chili Bacon (2) $2.50
Chicken Apple Sausage (1) $3.50
Stir-fried potatoes with seasoning $3.50
Toast $1.99
Fresh Fruit Cup $2.50
Side of Green Salad $3.99


Orange (Original)
Bloody Mary $5.00
Prawny Bloody Mary $7.00
Hot Chocolate $3.50
Hot Coffee $2.50
Hot Tea $2.50
Loose Tea (peach) $3.50



Spicy level request     1= Mild     2 = Medium     3 = Hot     4=Hot     5 = Very Spicy

(V) = Vegetarian           (Gf) = Gluten free        
Most of our dishes can be made for Vegan or Gluten free upon request

Panang Curry

Creamy curry, bell pepper, basil, broccoli, eggplant, peas, and carrots served with jasmine or brown rice.  

 Shrimp $15.99, Chicken  $13.99, Tofu  $13.99, Mock Meat  $14.99, or Mixed Vegetable  $12.99

Green Curry

Authentice green curry sauce, bamboo shoots, basil, edamame, zucchini, cauliflower, and bell peppers, served with white jasmine or brown rice.

Shrimp $15.99, Chicken  $13.99, Tofu  $13.99, Mock Meat  $14.99, or Mixed Vegetable  $12.99

Yellow Curry

Potatoes and carrots served in yellow curry sauce with your choice of protein and topped with shallots.

Shrimp $15.99, Chicken  $13.99, Tofu  $13.99, Mock Meat  $14.99, or Mixed Vegetable  $12.99

  Salmon Pineapple Curry   $16.99

Grilled salmon filet, pineapple, tomatoes, zucchini, basil, pea & carrot, bell pepper,
with red curry sauce. Served with jasmine or brown rice

India Chicken Tikka Masala   $15.99

Chicken in an India tikka yogurt based curry sauce (contains cashew nuts), served with basmati rice and Naan flat bread with mango salad dipping sauce.

Duck Curry  $15.99

Sliced Duck breast in red curry sauce, bell pepper, lychee, tomato,
pineapple, basil, and your choice of jasmine 
or brown rice


Asian Chicken Wrap   $8.99

Ground chicken stir fry with water chestnut, shiitake mushroom, onion and our house special sauce. 
Served with crispy noodle and fresh crisp lettuce.

Hanoi Fresh Roll with Shrimp $8.99 or Vegetarian $7.99

Fresh lettuce, shrimp, cucumber, cilantro, carrot, mint, basil, 
and rice noodle wrapped in clear rice wrapper.

Bangkok Shrimp   $10.99 

Hand dipped batter shrimp, tossed in creamy sweet and tangy sauce. 
Topped with green onion, toasted sesame seeds, and lemon zest

Grilled Chicken Satay  $10.99
(This item will take at least 15 minutes of cooking time)

Chicken tender marinated with coconut, Thai spice, and Thai herbs. 
Served on a skewer along with homemade peanut sauce and cucumber sauce

(V)  Crispy Spring Roll with Lettuce Wrap   $7.99

Shared lettuce, carrot, woonsen noodle, celery and onion, 
wrapped in spring roll wrapper and golden fried.  
Served with our homemade sweet chili sauce

Cream Cheese Wonton   $6.99

Marinated cream cheese, onion, 
carrot, wrapped in wonton wrapper and golden fried

(V)(Gf)  Edamame    $3.99

Steam green pea edamame topped with Himalaya salt. 
Please let your server know if you want to make it spicy!

  Pot Stickers    $7.99

Seared pork and vegetable dumplings served with shredded cabbage, a housemade aioli sauce with a side of ginger-soy dipping sauce and garnished with green onion.

(V)   Fried Green Beans  $6.99 

Fried green bean served with sweet chili and siracha sauce. 
You have to dip it with sweet chili sauce first and then siracha sauce. Yum!

Tao Wings   $9.99

Non batter fried chicken wings tossed in medium spicy tangy sauce.

(V) Vegetarian and Gluten free sauce is also available, please ask your server.

Steam Dumplings    $10.99

Housemade dumplings filled with ground shrimp, chicken, water chestnuts, shitake mushrooms, green onions and topped with crispy garlic, served with our housemade ginger soy sauce. Garnished with green onions and cilantro.

Prime Rib Finger Steaks    $9.99

Hand battered prime rib strips served with coleslaw salad and wasabi ranch sauce, garnished with cilantro.

Trio   $11.99

Sampler dish composed of cream cheese wontons, fried green beans and crispy spring rolls.

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