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Asian Chicken Wrap   $8.99

Ground chicken stir fry with water chestnut, onion and our house special sauce. 
Served with crispy noodle and fresh crisp lettuce.

Hanoi Fresh Roll with Shrimp $7.99

Fresh lettuce, shrimp, cucumber, cilantro, carrot, mint, basil, 
and rice noodle wrapped in clear rice wrapper.

Bangkok Shrimp   $8.99 

Hand dipped batter shrimp, tossed in creamy sweet and tangy sauce. 
Topped with green onion, toasted sesame seeds, and lemon zest

Grilled Chicken Satay  $8.99
(This item will take at least 15 minutes of cooking time)

Chicken tender marinated with coconut, Thai spice, and Thai herbs. 
Served on a skewer along with homemade peanut sauce and cucumber sauce

(V)  Crispy Spring Roll with Lettuce Wrap   $6.99

Shared lettuce, carrot, woonsen noodle, celery and onion, 
wrapped in spring roll wrapper and golden fried.  
Served with our homemade sweet chili sauce

Cream Cheese Wonton   $6.99

Marinated cream cheese, imitation crab meat, onion, 
carrot, wrapped in wonton wrapper and golden fried

(V)(Gf)  Edamame    $3.99

Steam green pea edamame topped with Himalaya salt. 
Please let your server know if you want to make it spicy!

(V)   Chips and Asian Eggplant Salsa   $5.99

Chips served with our homemade Asian eggplant salsa. Delicious!

(V)   Fried Green Beans  $6.99 

Fried green bean served with sweet chili and siracha sauce. 
You have to dip it with sweet chili sauce first and then siracha sauce. Yum!

Tao Wings   $8.99

Non batter fried chicken wings tossed in one of your favorite sauces: 
Non Spicy Teriyaki | Mild Sweet Chili | Medium Spicy Tangy | Hot siracha | 5* Spicy Tamarind

(V) Vegetarian and Gluten free sauce is also available, please ask your server.


Our next Paint & Sip will be Tuesday, July 11th, 6-8pm on our patio.
We will be painting a flag in celebration of the 4th of July and Flag Day. $40 for the class.
We also have Paint & Sips on the following dates:
Sept. 5 – Autumn Bridge
Oct. 3 – Halloween Kitties
Nov. 7 – Harvest Wine Table
Dec. 5 – Winter Wonderland
All are from 6 - 8pm

Beginners encouraged!

Food and beverages are not included in the class price. Show up early to find your seat and enjoy good food & our Best of Boise cocktails by our Best of Boise bartender, Major Ludwig.
Rice has an extensive beer and wine list too!

Wine Tasting Tuesday

Wine Tastings at Rice on Tuesdays 5-8pm

Schedule of Wineries & Tuesday Events
Aug. 8th – Alamosa Wine, Eagle
August 15th – Vizcaya, Eagle
Aug. 22nd – TBD (check Rice website)
Aug. 29th – Vine46 Wine, Eagle

Like us on Facebook or check for future dates!


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